Designed for the urban jungle. Built to escape it.

Built-In Confidence Is The Key.

Technology is at its finest when it can be used to change your world in a positive way. Technologies that can provide solutions to problems are at the top of the list, which is why EcoSport should be at the top of yours. EcoSport reveals a range of technologies that are designed to create a smooth, trouble-free driving experience, allowing you to relax and take in the pleasures that driving provide.

Practicality Meets Safety.

For anyone that has ever struggled with controlling their vehicle on an incline, Hill Start Assist helps to prevent accidental roll-back or roll-forward, by holding your EcoSport in place while you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator, giving you more time to execute a perfect hill pull-off safely.

Fuel-Efficiency Like No Other.

EcoSport is all about fuel economy, as is demonstrated by its ability to switch off your engine when idling for extended periods. However, the EcoSport will still supply enough power to keep essential features such as Ford’s SYNC System, air conditioning, headlights, radio and other elements. Smart wipers with built-in rain sensing technology, can adjust speed based on how much moisture is detected and effective precision braking is made possible through the combination of brake-force distribution and an Anti-locking Brake System (ABS).