Innovative technology. Inventive design.

Be Inspired By Unlimited Opportunities.

Take charge of a series of advanced technologies and systems when you get behind the wheel of the new Kuga. Extensive features are designed to liberate you, so you can enjoy the ultimate driving experience the Kuga can give you.

Beat The Uphill Riding Beast.

Smooth hill starts are often difficult to achieve safely, which is why Kuga features Hill Start Assist. This system will momentarily stop the vehicle from accidentally rolling either back or forward by keeping sufficient pressure on the brake system for up to three seconds. This in turn gives you more time to move your foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal calmly and effectively.

Liberate Your Life From Traffic Stress.

Idling for extended periods of time when in significantly long traffic queues can contribute to engine wear and fuel consumption. To combat this, Kuga is fitted with the Auto-Start-Stop system which automatically turns off the engine when idling for an extended period. The system does not however, affect other essential features such as the Ford SYNC system, radio, headlights or air-conditioning. When traffic begins to move, simply engage the clutch and first gear on a manual shift, or depress the accelerator in automatic to restart.

Built For Safety First.

The Kuga places driver and passenger security and safety at top priority, which is why you’ll find an extensive list of advanced safety features in place. A complex air bag system includes airbags for both front seats, front row side airbags, driver-side knee airbags and all-round curtain airbags, for maximum reassurance. Kuga also comes with two sets of ISOFIX connectors for up to two car safety seats for small children.