When form meets function.

It's Better Than Ever.

Built for virtually any job, the new Ford Range can take whatever you throw at it. Europe’s top seller now comes with even more features and technological advances, giving you an even tougher, smarter and more versatile package. State of the art features include Parking Sensors, Traffic Sign Recognition and Lane Keeping Aid technologies, all designed to enhance your experience on the road. Descent Control, Hill Start Assist and Active Park Assist enhance control over the vehicle when you need it most.

Drive Smarter, Perform Better.

Active Park Assist includes simple on-screen instructions as well as audible cues to help guide you into any parking spot at the push of a button. While the Ranger takes care of movement, you control brake, gear and accelerator. Hill Start Assist momentarily prevents the vehicle from accidentally rolling either back or forward by keeping sufficient pressure on the brake system for up to three seconds. This in turn gives you more time to move your foot from the brake to the accelerator pedal calmly and effectively.

Refined Systems To Enhance Your Drive.

Idling for extended periods of time when in significantly long traffic queues can contribute to engine wear and fuel consumption. To combat this, the Ford Ranger is fitted with Ford’s Auto-Start-Stop system which automatically turns off the engine when idling for an extended period. However, the system does not affect other essential features such as the Ford SYNC system, radio, headlights or air-conditioning. When traffic begins to move, simply engage the clutch and first gear on a manual shift, or depress the accelerator in automatic to restart. Tests show that the Auto-Stop-Start feature can save fuel costs by up to 10%.

Engineered for Reliability And Precision.

Easy Lift is a tailgate feature makes raising or lowering the Ranger’s tailgate quicker and easier by creating a noticeably lighter operation. The Ford Ranger is equipped with Xenon headlamps which feature intelligent adaptive lighting, automatically adjusting the beam based on the light conditions detected by the built-in sensors. Ranger is built to go where lesser vehicles fail, thanks to up to 800mm of wading depth and a towing and carrying capacity of up to 3,500 kg.