The Road to Better is Ford’s strategy to build a better world. Where every person is free to move and pursue their dreams. It’s what drives us forwards since we started our journey in 1903.

Our scale and resources put us in a strong position to drive change for better - better for our people, better for our planet and better for progress. Targeting climate change action while exploring more sustainable manufacturing practices and taking responsibility for our environmental and social impact. Our purpose is bigger than just building great vehicles. 


Sustainability is what drives our business today, and we’ve got ambitious plans for tomorrow. From cleaner transportation and manufacturing, and how materials are sourced and produced, to improving human rights, and revitalising communities. Responsible, transparent and sustainable supply chains are essential for a successful switch towards all electric vehicles.


As we take action and move into an exciting future, we are dedicated to making sure that all feel welcome and that we respect human rights. People come first. We’ve been a top scorer in the Disability Index’s ‘Best Places to Work for Disability.

Inclusion’ for six years and counting. We’ve also built partnerships with IRMA and the Responsible Supply Chain Initiative, to ensure fair working conditions end-to-end across our supply chains. 


In Europe, we’ll only offer all-electric passenger cars from 2030 onwards, followed by only all-electric commercial vehicles from 2035. In addition we strive for carbon neutrality across our European footprint of manufacturing facilities, logistics and direct suppliers by 2035. We’re already purchasing renewable energy for all our manufacturing plants across Europe, and that’s just the beginning. 


We’ve reduced the amount of freshwater used in our manufacturing process by 78% since 2000, saving billions of litres of water per year. Our next goal? To eliminate freshwater withdrawals from our manufacturing processes globally, using freshwater only for human consumption. This helps maintain optimal freshwater availability in local communities, reducing our social and environmental impact on the areas we work in.  


Every business decision has a knock-on effect. Which is why we’re building a chain of responsibility; we’re aiming to use steel that has a reduced carbon footprint, committed to purchasing at least 10 percent near-zero carbon steel and aluminium by 2030, as part of the First Movers Coalition. 


The use of renewable energy is a key part of our strategy. Which is why 100% of the electricity tariffs purchased at our European Ford manufacturing sites are from renewable sources – and will continue to be. 


Across our European plants, we’ve sent zero waste to landfill since 2016 , with a pledge to  do the same across our global plants. And by 2030, we’re striving to eliminate the use of single-use plastics


We build iconic cars, and we build them right. In 2023 we’re electrifying more models and digitalising our ecosystem of services, to ensure we consider sustainable practices in everything we do.


We’re making electric iconic. With no compromises. From the Mustang Mach-E to the E-Transit, we’re working hard to introduce 7 all-new, all-electric vehicles in Europe as quickly as 2024, leading to 100% electrification of our passenger vehicle line-up by 2030 and commercial vehicles by 2035. 


We’re making the shift to electric vehicles as easy as possible, because we believe the freedom to move should be accessible. With the BlueOvalTM Charging Network, EV drivers have access to over 450,000 public charging point across Europe – including high-power IONITY chargers.


Ford is committed to designing and building safe, quality vehicles, and that doesn’t change now the focus is on EV’s. Our Mustang Mach-E earned a 5 star Euro NCAP safety rating, and we’re implementing European-first driver-assist technology. 


Sustainability is at the heart of our innovation strategy, utilising the power of technology to provide solutions for the everyday. We’re making EV charging accessible, developing a robotic arm for drivers with disabilities. We’re researching the future of battery cell technology as we move towards a closed-loop manufacturing process and much more


We developed Sensico, a bespoke synthetic material with all the benefits of leather, allowing us to build beautiful, leather-free vehicles. We’re rolling this out across our vehicle line-up, starting with the Mustang Mach-E, Puma and Kuga. 


Your old car has reached its end of life, and you’re wondering what happens next. We’ll take it away for recycling completely free of charge, and will ensure it is recycled responsibly in accordance with End-of-Life Vehicle regulations


We can make progress when we work together and we know we can’t do this alone. We are creating an environment that we’re all in together – even launching a bold initiative called Park The Car to help reduce the number of car journeys taken every day.


Building a safer, healthier future requires more than just electric vehicles – in fact sometimes, it requires no vehicle at all. So, we're encouraging you to join us in giving up the car for a walk or cycle on shorter journeys. Driving responsibly is no longer just about safety, it’s also about caring for our environment and our health.


We are collaboration driven, addressing human and environmental responsibility together with our partners. Ford is part of Catena-X, a network set up to establish data standards for the automotive value chain. We launched M2030 in 2016 to 2022 to provide toolkits to our suppliers, to help them implement environmental best practices. We joined the Drive Sustainability partnership that aims to embed sustainable practices throughout the entire automotive supply chain and we were the first American automaker to join the Initiative for Responsible Mining Assurance, which works to advance more sustainable social and environmental practices in mining.


We’re putting our focus on the communities we work and live in. We’ve built a vast network of non-profit organisations, community groups, and other businesses in over 50 countries, investing in our people and committing millions in charitable donations via our global philanthropic arm, the Ford Fund. We also launched CV in the City, our response to a Ford Pro report in collaboration with Reuters, aimed at combating the amount of congestion and pollution caused by the urban delivery boom in Europe.


We’re proudly the first American automaker to align our operation with the Paris Climate Agreement. Making a powerful statement to the rest of the automotive industry and making an ongoing commitment to limit our impact on global warming.


Since 2016 Ford has been a signatory of the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. A 17-step blueprint for businesses that aligns with our commitments, targeting human rights issues, climate change and more. ‘For peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.’